Do Noise Machines Help Babies Sleep?

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Tip-toeing and keeping quiet as much as possible may not be as comforting as it is for your little joys. Believe it or not, babies, especially newborns, are more comfortable with some noise around the room. Most babies can end up feeling isolated, anxious, and detached in silence, which may be the reason why they keep on waking up from their naps.

Imagine yourself being exposed to a new environment that is different from what you are used to. It can get a little unsettling, right? And then, all you could ever wish for is to have something that reminds you of home.

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You see, newborn babies feel the same way too! They are used to the noise inside the mother’s womb. Their happy place for at most nine months has this soothing noise that makes them feel at home and comfortable. Babies could hear every little sound inside their mother’s body.

There is around 70 to 90 dB of sound inside the uterus which could be a little higher than the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Babies could hear their mother’s heartbeat and every sound their organs make inside. This can be a little creepy for some of you but this is very comforting for them.

Some pediatricians might suggest giving your babies warm baths to calm them and have a better sleep. However, one best thing to soothe your babies is to give them a taste of the home that they were used to having for nine months. Using white noise can be one of the best options you could have.

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White Noise And Its Magic

Neither your whispering voices nor the sound of the construction in your neighborhood is comforting for your newborn child. It does need some noise but it has to be soundly peaceful for them. And this is what white noise devices are made for.

White noise mimics the comforting sound they had been hearing for months. It may not exactly be the same but it could give your babies that calming feeling. It has the same feeling of comfort that gives us a lot when we sleep on a rainy night.

It may sound fuzzy from different combined frequencies and with no specific pitch. It can also mimic the sound of a humming fan or air-conditioner. This could give them the comfort that they are not alone, like how it has been in mommy’s womb.

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With this comforting effect, white noise can help improve your baby’s sleep. It can help them have deeper and longer sleep throughout the day and night. It works like magic!

Another good thing about white noise is it blocks unwanted noises from your environment. Your baby’s white noise can block unnecessary noises.

These are noises like your television playing some football game, construction in your neighborhood, or even their older siblings playing around the house. Thus, the womb-like sound it gives off makes your baby fall into a deeper sleep and wake up happier.

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Making Noise Machine’s Magic Work

Archives of Diseases and in Child has published a study in 1990 that shows a good effect of using white noise on newborn infants. It shows that 80% of the population they studied had fallen asleep within five minutes of playing the white noise.

To have the same or better result, and avoid unwanted problems, you have to make sure that you do the right thing. Here are a few things that you should know on how to safely use white noise for your baby:

Be informed about the product. The first thing you want to do is to know what you are trying to introduce to your baby. Thus, do not forget to search for facts and reviews, and read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings. This would keep you away from unwanted troubles.

Put your white noise far from your baby’s crib. The findings of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) show that most pediatricians suggest white noise machines must be 7 feet away from where your baby is sleeping. This is to avoid keeping it too loud for them.

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Lower the volume. Consequently, you don’t have to turn the volume up to the maximum level because it won’t make them comfortable either. Regular exposure to loud sounds, including white noise, can be damaging to your baby’s hearing. So, it is best to keep it on the minimum sound level or lower than that.

Turn it off once your baby is already snoozing. Your only purpose in using white noise is to help them fall asleep. You don’t have to turn it on for the entire 2-hour nap or overnight. Once you see that your baby has deeply fallen asleep, you can safely turn it off and enjoy a quiet break for yourself.

Do not be dependent on white noise. Using white noise thus works like a charm. However, it is best for you and your baby to look for other natural ways to help them sleep. As much as possible, you want to avoid your baby from getting dependent on something.

One classic way of helping your baby fall asleep is giving them a warm and nice bath. This would calm and refresh their body which could make them feel sleepy. You can alternately use this strategy with a white noise between naps and a good night’s sleep.

Use it for sleeping purposes alone. White noise is only here to help you with your baby’s sleeping problem. Avoid using it just to calm them when they are being fussy and irritable or any time of the day aside from their naps or night sleep.

Keep it as background noise only. You don’t have to keep pushing and whispering, and you don’t have to turn the Television off while your white noise is in action. As long as your baby could hear it playing and is not distracted by the other usual noise you have at home then you’re good to go. This would help them also by making them feel that they are not alone.

Always seek advice from your pediatrician or child health nurse. You may have read all the instructions and researched all the information you need, it would still be best to talk to your health practitioners regarding this matter. You could seek their suggestions and share your experience with white noise so that they could provide better ways to do so.

Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons Of Using White Noise For Your Baby

Well, all magic comes with a price. It is not all happy endings and good times, right? As helpful as it is, whitening noise also has both advantages and disadvantages on the line.

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Well, white noise is invented for one main reason – sleeping. If used safely and accordingly, you might end up enjoying the advantages of using white noise for babies which are:

It helps your baby sleep faster. White noise blocks out unwanted sounds and keeps them feel comfortable by reminding them of that womb-like sound. With this, it can help them feel sleepy a little faster. Regular use of white noise would give their brains a signal that they already have to sleep but remember, do not use it every time.

It helps your baby fall deeply asleep. Pediatricians suggest that babies must have 14 to 17 hours a day of sleep within their first 3 months and around 12 -16 hours when they get older.

This may sound a lot but this could be possible when you know the right strategy. Not only does it help them fall asleep faster but white noise also keeps them well-rested and happier.

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Prioritizing what is best for your baby means you also have to be aware of possible inconveniences and problems. As promising as it is, white noise also has disadvantages if it is not used accordingly.

Your baby might get too reliant on white noise. If you constantly use a white nose, your children might get used to it and seek it every time they have to sleep. Thus, it is important to keep on track of how long you should use it and when you are only going to use it. Don’t be too dependent on using white noise to avoid your baby from becoming too reliant on it.

It might affect their development. Improper use of white noise might affect your baby’s hearing and auditory development. Avoid keeping it too close to them and turning it to the maximum sound level.

It is not for everyone. The sound inside their mother’s womb indeed soothes babies for their nine amazing months inside. However, white noise is not for all babies. Using white noise is a trial and error process because not all of them are comfortable with its sound, especially when they are more used to other alternatives.


Choosing A Noise Machine For Your Baby

Using white noise devices has been a trend in recent years. Several companies produce white noise devices that vary in their sizes, designs, and features. These are available online and in different stores.

If ever, you are on a tight budget you can also improvise your white noise device. You can turn on your air-conditioner or fan every time your baby has to sleep.

You may also use some music or videos on YouTube and Spotify that specifically play white noise for babies. These options would still do the magic for you!

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All parents only want what is best for their baby. Taking care of newborn infants and babies can be a little exhausting especially when they do not get enough sleep.

White noise is a great help for every newborn parent out there. It can surely help in improving your baby’s sleeping pattern and yours too! You just have to always remember to use it safely and accordingly to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

What Is White Noise

What Is White Noise

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