Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

As parents, it is our top priority to keep our kids healthy and comfortable. We want what is best for our little joys. However, it is inevitable for them to suffer from infections, and illnesses while growing up.

One of the common concerns that parents encounter while their kids are growing up is dealing with stuffy noses. Nasal congestion can be experienced by any age. It is easier for teenagers and adults to deal with this nasal problem.

However, it is more bothersome for our children when they do not exactly know what to do, especially if they are still at a very young age.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

It may be a common illness but it is something that should not be taken lightly. Nasal congestion can be a symptom of a more serious illness. It starts as an effect of an underlying illness such as flu, colds, and sinus infection.

Nasal congestion can be uncomfortable and distracting too. It is common for everyone who suffers from this problem to have difficulties in breathing, eating, and even sleeping. Due to the blocked nasal passage, people tend to use their mouths to breathe.

Blowing your nose could easily help you relieve a little bit of the congestion. However, it is not the same for babies. Your little angel does not have any idea on how to do it yet. They are still fully dependent on you.

What your baby can instinctively do is a breath from their mouth, yes they already can! But this is quite difficult for them especially when they are drinking breast or formula milk. This is why they get a little fuzzy and irritable.

This reality can make you and other parents anxious but do not worry, that is normal. Thinking of our children’s wellness can make us come up with so many questions. In dealing with nasal congestion, most parents would ask whether it causes any pain to their babies and whether it is safe to use.

Worry no more because I will help you be at ease by getting to know some facts! Let me take a tour on choosing the best aspirator for your baby’s health and safety.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

What Is A Nasal Aspirator?

You can easily get rid of your baby’s nasty nasal mucus with the use of nasal aspirators. This device has come in handy for every hospital, clinic, and home since the ’80s. Its purpose is to suction nasal mucus that causes congestion in the nasal passage.

This device is specifically made for babies and infants but can still be used for children that are still unable to blow their noses. It clears up the airway and allows your children to breathe normally.

Nasal aspirators may differ in their types, sizes, shapes, and designs but it all works for the same purpose. So, does a nasal aspirator hurt your baby? Before answering this question, we must know the different types of an aspirator that you can use so that we would know which one could cause any pain.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

Types of A Nasal Aspirator

As parents, we always make sure that the products we use for our children are good for them. There could be a lot of choices in the market. You must know what best fits your baby’s needs.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

1. Classic Bulb Syringe

Hospitals and clinics often give free classic bulb syringe aspirators to parents. It is also widely available in stores and online. It works as a regular suction specifically made for your children’s nasal problems.

However, its downside leans into its proper use and sanitization which of course, can be managed with enough idea on the product. Extracted nasal mucus has a tendency of building up inside its bulb which can grow bacteria, and can be very harmful to your children.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

2. Electric Nasal Aspirator

This power-dependent device makes it easier to suction nasal mucus from your baby’s nose. It usually has built-in storage for the extracted mucus which is an advantage. It is also easier to clean this type of aspirator because you can just throw it in the dishwasher and let it run.

Despite this techy innovation, you just have to be reminded that all innovations have downsides. Its performance can be highly affected by the power source or battery charge of the device. Yet, regardless of this fact, more parents prefer using this type of aspirator because of the convenience it brings.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

3. Manual Nasal Aspirator

Well, if you prefer a cost-efficient product then this might be the best aspirator for you. This aspirator suctions nasal mucus with the help of you, parents, as the manual suction machine. Using a mouthpiece connected to a tube and filter, you can manually do all the work.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

Are Nasal Aspirators Painless?

No one wants to relieve their baby’s pain through another pain, right? So, it is normal to ask whether aspirators are painless or not.

All nasal aspirators do not cause any pain at all, however, they can be uncomfortable and overwhelming for your baby. Just imagine a liquid being suctioned outside your system. But do not worry because, after a short discomfort, your baby will surely feel relief right after.

You might notice your baby sneezing or coughing right after doing the normal process. It is just the body’s reaction to the sudden action. Although, there might be slight bleeding for some and this is caused by too aggressive suctions.

Your baby’s nose is small and still very sensitive. If you suction their nasal mucus too aggressively, this may cause some swelling, irritation, and nosebleeds. So to avoid your baby from hurting, just make sure to do the process gently.

If you just use aspirators accordingly by following the right steps in using and cleaning them, there will never be a problem or pain for your baby. Nasal aspirators could be your life saver!

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

How Does It Help?

According to the Food and Drug Authorities (FDA), babies, especially newborns, are not allowed to take any decongestants. The best way to ease their discomfort and difficulty in breathing is through a saline solution and nasal aspirator.

Saline solution can help you in softening boogers which could make it more difficult for your baby to breathe. You can then safely use your aspirators once the dryness decreases. Suctioning nasal mucus in a dry nose is more prone to infection and swelling, so make sure not to do that.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

Tips For Buying Nasal Aspirators

Most nasal aspirators in the market have the same functions and features. However, there could also be other things to look out for in choosing the best product for your baby.

1. Choose What’s Safe For Your Baby

You surely put the same value and effort into your baby’s health and safety. So, here are three factors to help you assess which among these products is the safest of all.

It should be medically certified. Medical equipment and products are certified by your country’s health and safety department. Medically certified aspirators are those that are harmless and have undergone clinical evaluations.

Created with Doctor’s Supervision. It is best to buy from companies that seek the supervision of medical practitioners. Before buying your nasal aspirators, make sure you do a quick research on how it is produced and distributed.

Check the suction power. When buying electric nasal aspirators, do not forget to check their suction power. It is best to seek products with a recommendation from the International Medical Community.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

2. Make Sure It Is Cost-Efficient

In choosing the right nasal aspirator for your body, you have to be critical and wise. Surely, all you want is to immediately relieve your baby’s discomfort but you have to make sure you are choosing the right product.

Before purchasing anything, make sure you have an idea about it and what’s in the market for you. Not all expensive products are efficient and not all cheap products are bad as well. Look for products that have the best reviews and assess whether it is worth your money or not.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

Is Using A Nasal Aspirator Worth It?

Nothing beats the heartache of seeing your children in pain, especially when they are still babies and vulnerable. So, yes, using a nasal aspirator is worth it. If you leave your baby’s congested nose untreated, it might lead to some serious problems in the future such as sinus infections.

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?


You only want what’s best for your baby and it comes with being critical of the products that you use. Nasal aspirators are one of the many products that you have to purchase and keep with you as you raise your little bundle of joy.

Choosing the right product that is safe and efficient for the whole family will never be a wrong move.  Nasal aspirators do not hurt but rather create a little discomfort for your little one. However, rest assured that it could give both you and your baby a sigh of relief after using it.

There is also no universal type of aspirator that is the best for every baby around the world. You choose what you think is best by looking into which is safer and more effective in addressing your concern.

Do Nasal Aspirators Hurt Babies

Does a Nasal Aspirator Hurt a Baby?

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