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Heating Problem

1. Why does it take so long to heat the milk?

1. Check if the heated milk is refrigerated or bulk milk?
How to solve: Please select the fast mode and set longer heating time. The heating time is longer, the warming time is shorter.
2. Check whether there is limescale on the heating plate of the milk warmer as it affects the heating effect.
How to clean: : Mix 100ml of purified water with 20ml of vinegar, then pour the mixture into a heating plate, soak it for an hour after boiled it, and then wipe it dry. Repeat this step if the removal is not completed.

2. It makes a beeping sound after heating, it will be noisy at night, and the bottle must be removed in time, otherwise the milk may be too hot or too cold

This is the reminding tone that the heated liquid has reached the set temperature. In the fast warm milk mode, after the heating is completed, the warm steam in the warmer may cause overheating, so it needs to be taken out in time.

3.Heating does not work for a while?

1. Check whether only the power indicator is flashing on the screen. After the milk warmer (24 hours)/heat food (2 hours)/sterilization (10 minutes) reaches the specified time, the milk warmer will enter the standby state.
Solution: Press the switch key again, and then select the desired function.
2. When the warm milk/heat food reaches the set temperature, it will stop heating, and use the residual temperature to warm up the liquid in the bottle.
Solution: Check whether the corresponding function indicator light is displayed on the surface of the touch screen. If so, the milk warmer is working normally.

4. Why does the milk overheated?

1. Please check whether the heating time set in the fast heating mode is too long.
Solution: When choosing fast heating mode, please set a shorter heating time.
2. When you hear the”beep”sound of the heating completion, please take out the bottle in time.

5. Why is the milk not warmed while the bottle is hot?

1. Check whether the milk is refrigerated, whether the heating time is too short when using fast mode.
Solution: When choosing to quickly warm milk, please set longer heating time.
2. After the quick heating milk is completed, it turns to warm milk. At this time, you need to add another 160ml of water to achieve the warm milk effect.
3. Check whetherIs the thermal conductivity of the container for milk is poor.
Solution: Please replace the container of milk and heat it again.

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