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Insufficient Suction

Cause: Host failure

How to solve:

Test the suction power

  • Separate the main body from the cup, put the main body in the palm of your hand, and check whether there is suction in the palm of your hand. If there is suction, the problem of the main machine will be ruled out. Otherwise, it is the problem of the main machine

Cause:Improper installation

How to solve:

Check for installation issues:

  • 1. To make sure assembly and a full seal are in place, reassemble the fitting in the manner specified in the instructions.
  • 2. Wash and dry the flange, look for damage, and see if disinfection has altered its appearance.
  • 3. Verify whether the installation method is incorrect and whether the duckbill valve is damaged.
  • 4. Verify whether the host’s transparent rubber ring is defective or damaged

Cause: Not tightly fitted to the breast

How to solve:

  • Follow the instructions to maintain a correct sitting posture for breastfeeding.Ensure that the flange and the breast are in a fully fitted state.

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