S12 1-Pack Hands Free Breast pump

Upgraded Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free with Double Sealed Flange, 3 Modes 12 Levels, Smart Display, Replaceable Accessories Included

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  • HANDS-FREE WEARABLE BREAST PUMP: Experience hands-free breastfeeding anywhere with the Nuliie S12 breast pump’s electric suction and buckle design, mimicking baby’s sucking pressure for a comfortable and relaxing nursing experience.
  • CONVENIENT FOR POURING MILK AND CLEANING: Enjoy a simple and comfortable breast milk experience with the hands free breast pump’s free-standing design, convenient for pouring milk, and open duckbill valve for easy disassembly and cleaning.
  • 3 MODES + 12 LEVELS: Stress-free breast pumping with Nuliie’s electric breast pump, offering 3 modes and 12 adjustable levels for optimal comfort, a suction feature for efficient milk extraction, and a memory module for easy and convenient use every time.
  • COMFORTABLE & SAFE DESIGN: confidently and safely pump breast milk with Nuliie’s attractive and comfortable design, featuring photon surface technology for food-grade hygiene, a 105-degree elliptical curved surface for perfect fit and no leakage, an anti-suck-back device for purity, a milk collector for easy pouring.
  • LCD DISPLAY: Get real-time information and convenient charging with the Nuliie breast pump’s LCD display showing mode, level, power, and usage time, wireless Type-C charger, and automatic shutdown feature for enhanced safety and ease of use.




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