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Meet Nuliie

When a newborn baby arrives, Mom and Dad are given the incredible chance to witness the purest form of joy through their baby’s eyes. A baby is a profound gift to experience.The first three years are developmentally critical, and they are fleeting—a blur of feeding, sleeping, playing, growing—BECOMING.

But raising a baby is far from easy. Helping baby grow and learn is also a major growing and learning process for new parents and caretakers. That’s where we come in.


Nuliie exists in the interest of warm feelings and healthy, happy growth. To that end, all of our baby and nursing products share a common purpose: to simplify parenting tasks and to nurture family bonding.

Our nursing and feeding products are:

  1. Dependably high-quality

  2. Intuitively designed for practicality

  3. Reliably safe for your little one (and you!)


Nuliie makes everyday life easier for families with babies and toddlers through innovative parenting solutions.

The less time you spend fumbling with poorly-designed or low-quality products, the more time you have to connect with your baby and enjoy those fleeting, beautiful moments.


Keep those moments in your heart forever. Enjoy your new life.