How To Keep Baby Bottle Warm At Night?

How To Keep Baby Bottle Warm At Night

It’s challenging to feed your baby at night. Moms hate getting up late at night just to warm the milk. This is a common daily task for formula-feeding moms.

By the time you get up, you have to turn on the light first. Then, you have to make warm milk while hearing your child cry because of hunger. Next, you go back to your bed to feed the baby.

This whole process is stressful although many are used to it. Your problem is getting back to sleep. Sometimes, it takes you a couple of hours before you could go back to sleep.

Perhaps, there could be an answer to this problem. It can be a game-changer to find out the best practices for formula-feeding moms who feed their hungry babies at night.

Tips Cubes

We’ve come up with a list of tips for your to practice how to warm the baby bottle at night. These are easy-to-apply ones.

There are a few gadgets we are going to suggest. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to spend much on fulfilling the tips.

Before we finally give all the details, is it really a necessity to provide our babies with warm milk? How do we know that they are wishing for it? These questions will be answered below.

Laid Opened Milk Bottle

Does A Baby Need Warm Milk

We’re so focused on the thought of giving the best to our babies by serving them warm milk every time needed. But, do they really need to be fed warm milk? You’re so lucky if your baby doesn’t want one.

Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) mentioned that formula milk doesn’t require to be heated first before feeding to the baby. They won’t react when you give out room temperature or cold milk. There are parents who do this kind of trick.

However, CDC still recommends that you serve the milk as warm as possible, especially for newborns. Babies’ stomachs can digest warm milk easier than cold ones. No more extra energy and no more pain for them to warm it up in their tummies.

On the other hand, it’s natural for breast milk to be at body temperature. There are babies who might prefer milk that’s warmed milk when fed using a bottle. They might refuse when you give them unwarmed milk.

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Tips On To Keep Baby Bottle Warm At Night

Feeding your baby at night completes your ultimate motherhood experience. It’s a struggle at first especially if you have zero knowledge of the things to prepare.

Parents have different approaches regarding this matter. It’s up to you which gadgets or tools you will choose in the next few months. Here are a few easy steps to a better and more effective night of feeding the baby.

Use A Kettle

1. Use A Kettle

There are types of kettles available in the market that keep the water at a constant temperature. Is that really possible? They are a perfect tool to use in the later steps.

This has much more process than using other tools but it works more for formula breastfeeding moms. Before you sleep, heat water into the kettle. When done, leave it as it is the whole night.

By the time the baby cries for milk, observe whether the water from the kettle is still warm or not. Once proven warm, you may make formula milk for your baby. Then, feed it to him or her.

You don’t have to wait for a longer time because you haven’t prepared warm water yet. Thus, preparing it ahead gives you convenience when already needed. It only takes 30 seconds for the warm water to reach the right temperature.

During the day, you can also use this easy method. Prepare to warm the bottle using warm water from the kettle. It’s faster to warm the baby bottle this way.

Do not leave a baby bottle warmer on all night. Usually, there is no auto shut-off feature so you have to stay attentive and look out for it. There is no special feature that turns the warmer off once the water evaporates.

Use A Baby Bottle Warmer

2. Use A Baby Bottle Warmer

This is the second option to keep your baby bottle warm at night. Almost the same as the method of warming water using a kettle, pour hot water into the bottle warmer to a perfect temperature. Then, you may use it once the baby wakes up to ask for milk.

Before you mix the formula, it is best to check if the water is warm enough. It’s always suggested for one to double-check. You can put a tiny drop of water on your wrist to check.

Everything still depends on what time the baby wakes up. To cool it down, you need to add a bit of cold water.

Another thing why you should practice using a baby bottle warmer is its portable feature. You can bring it whenever you go out with your baby.

Use A Thermos/Thermal Flask

3. Use A Thermos/Thermal Flask

Speaking of traveling, another option for you to keep your baby bottle warm is by using a thermos or thermal flask. If you’re planning on going out sometimes, this fits you well. Any thermos or thermal flask will do to keep your bottle warm enough at night.

To serve warm milk for the baby, simply fill the thermos with hot water before you go to bed. Keep it near your bed so it will be accessible once the baby wakes up for feeding. It’s pretty simple, right?

Use A Heating Pad

4. Use A Heating Pad

This is a unique and clever but effective way to warm your baby bottle. If you already have a heating pad at home, you can use it in times you need to warm your baby’s milk bottle.

Use it on the lowest setting and wrap it around the baby bottle. Keep it a bit open so the bottle doesn’t get too hot.

Use A Formula Dispenser Machine

5. Use A Formula Dispenser Machine

This is a new gadget to warm your baby bottle. It automatically mixes and dispenses the formula. Just press one button and you’re good to go.

It’s so amazing because you can set the right concentration for the formula. There are also buttons for you to set the temperature and milk volume. You can keep the water as warm as possible for up to 24 hours.

Other Tips

Other Tips

It might not be possible for you to fulfill any tips mentioned above. We’d like to share with you additional tips to make your feeding process faster. See some of these ways to make your bottle warm quicker.

1. Mix the cold water with hot water. This is one of the best hacks we’ve researched about. When you mix your formula milk for the baby, it instantly gets the right temperature.

Basically, you may use the water from the kettle in your kitchen. Some ask for some boiling water from the cafe. Furthermore, you have to adjust the quantity of the mixture if your kid grows bigger and drinks more.

2. Have you heard of using a crockpot for warm water? It’s budget-friendly. You don’t have to spend money on buying a new bottle warmer.

You can warm water using a crockpot before going to bed. Leave it the whole night at a low temperature. Then, you may use it to warm the bottle quickly later on.

3. Do you have a cooler used during vacation? You can use this one in keeping some bottles inside the baby’s room. This way, you won’t need to go to the kitchen and get the baby’s milk bottle.

4. How about you try to use a bottle warmer with a cooler? This gadget can keep two bottles cool at night. You don’t have to go to your kitchen, head on to your fridge, and get the bottle.

This gadget allows you to warm the bottle at the same time let you keep another bottle cool. This is hybrid and convenient.

Baby Drinking Milk From Bottle


Babies are precious gifts to a couple. Their cry for milk is frustrating but once you feed them successfully, you feel so fulfilled and at peace.

One good reason why you look out for tips on how to keep your baby bottle warm at night is to ease your ways. You don’t have to make things complicated. Instead, there are helpful gadgets for feeding the baby.

Keeping your baby bottle warm at night is an important task as a parent. It’s your responsibility to feed your baby healthily and safely. You should ensure the security of using any gadget as much possible as you can.

If you have read all the tips given above, it’s expected of you to choose the best way of warming your baby’s bottle, especially at night. These tips give you a faster and more convenient process.

Once the baby gets so hungry, you don’t have to wait for a longer time just to warm up the bottle and milk. A responsible and quick-acting mommy gives baby a happy tummy!

Preparing To Warm A Baby Bottle At Night


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