Why Is Baby Bottle Warmer Necessary?

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Being first-time parents is not easy. You will need careful guidance in almost everything that you do. From the preparation of the necessary baby items to the whole set-up of your newborn’s place, everything must be organized as possible.

It’s safe to prepare a list of baby stuff ahead before the baby comes. You can’t always rely on what someone would suggest every now and then. It’s better if you do your own research and consult some experts.

Assembling all those stuff is a daunting but fun task as parents. Aside from the beautiful things that you wish to have, don’t forget to keep an eye on the must-haves.

Include in your list the items like a nursery, extra clothing, feeding, bath time essentials, and any other helpful gear. Once you complete your own list, you’ll be confident enough to go on with your daily chores.

Parents have different thresholds as to what is too much and enough when it comes to baby stuff. For example, the baby bottle warmer is necessary for most parents because of the safety it suggests. Below is a list of the reasons why.

Baby Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer Defined

Before we go deeper into the reasons why a baby bottle warmer is necessary, let us first know what it is and how it’s used. A bottle warmer is defined as a gadget that warms the breast milk or formula to a safe temperature.

How To Warm Baby Bottle - Infographics

Traditionally, parents warm the baby bottles using counter-top methods or tap water. These are simple ways that are passed on from generation to generation. Commonly, people warm the baby bottle on a hot pot of water using a stove.

However, we’re in the age where electrical gadgets are created. They help us make our chores faster. To answer the problems of many feeding moms, the market sells gadgets for babies.

Baby bottle warmers can be found in online stores. It’s mostly run on electricity that needs to be plugged in. Battery-operated baby bottle warmers are available in the market too

You can use steam or hot water to quickly heat bottles. Generally, every bottle warmer has different heat settings. These warmers have temperature-control settings and auto-shut-off switches to keep the gadget from overheating.

Bottle warmers also have a paci. Uniquely, they have a special feature of being able to defrost frozen breast milk or baby food.

Pros and Cons

Baby Bottle Warmer Pros and Cons

Thinking about the safety of your newborn baby, you must consider the pros and cons of the baby stuff you’re using. Here are the advantages of using the baby bottle warmer:


1. Speed – A baby bottle warmer warms faster. It’s a nice feature to look at especially when your baby cries for milk at 3:00 am. First-time moms worry a lot once their infant starts to cry. Thanks to baby bottle warmers for the speed.

2. Safety – It’s tiring for independent moms to stay up all day and care for their infants. There are times the baby cries for milk at dawn. She’s left with no choice but to get up and warm milk.

Some only use warm water, a pot, and a stove. If the mother is too sleepy to wait for the water to get warm, there is a risk she will go back to sleep again and leave the fire on.

With the use of a baby bottle warmer, you will avoid such risks. Instead, the milk gets warm faster than usual. You don’t have to worry about your baby taking milk that’s too hot.

3. Easy-to-Use – Let’s treat things simply. First, pour your milk into the bottle. Then, place the bottle of milk into the baby bottle warmer. Next, press the button. Finally, you’re good to go.

Don’t forget to keep the bottle warmer in a safe place. Preferably, store it in a cool, dry place and away from insects.


On the other side, a bottle warmer might have the following disadvantages:

1. Space – This might be an addition to the clutter you have at home. If you’re organized enough with all your baby’s things, this won’t be a problem.

2. Dependance – It’s not required for babies to drink warm milk. When you use a baby bottle warmer on a regular basis, the baby might grow dependent and prefers to drink warm milk every time.

Though some parents won’t take risks in letting their baby drink milk at room temperature. They don’t want to face any consequences it causes at all.

3. Complicated – As mentioned earlier, some parents only use a pot to warm the baby’s bottle. It can already fulfill what’s needed to be done. The difference is the safety feature a baby bottle warmer has than what’s used to be done.

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5 Reasons Why Baby Bottle Warmer Is Necessary

In choosing the best for your kid, you will think of the best products there are. Let’s go now to the deeper part of the different reasons why it’s necessary to use a baby bottle warmer.

1. Temperature Setting – Oftentimes, bottle warmers come with a pre-set temperature setting. They heat your little one’s bottle to a perfect temperature or as desired.

Most people don’t know the temperature of their hot water once poured into their cup of coffee. People typically estimate the heat of the water. More often than not, our mouths get burned because of the inconsistency.

A baby bottle warmer is the best for their temperature setting feature. You don’t have to estimate the temperature of the water because it already has a friendly button to press and set.

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2. Nutrient Preservation For Breast Milk – It’s perfect for breastfeeding moms to use this kind of gadget. Breast milk loses its vitamins and other nutrients if it gets too hot. When it cools, the nutrients don’t come back anymore.

Just a reminder that some women decide to breastfeed their kids to give them the best nutrients they needed. When a process in your milk preparation fails, you also fail the purpose of breastfeeding your infant.

A bottle warmer will let you go on with this purpose. It will not overheat so your baby gets what he or she needs. Thus, this guarantees that your little one will intake healthy breast milk.


3. Baby’s Safety – One of the most crucial parts of feeding your child is the hotness of the milk he or she takes. It will be too dangerous for the baby to use a newly heated bottle of milk. The plastic portion of the bottle can injure the baby.

Normally, you pour a drop onto your wrist to test the milk. If it’s too hot, you might get burned as well. Although, testing the hotness of the milk is better than accidentally burning your baby.

Exploring other heating methods could be unsafe too. You must carefully transfer the boiling pot of water while listening to your baby scream of hunger. Worse is splashing the water on anybody and anything nearby when you use this method.

Nobody ever wants to hurt their infant. As much as possible, avoid any ways that will cause you serious problems. Investing in baby bottle warmers is worth it because of the safety it brings.

4. Sterilizer And Warmer Combos – The more people use a baby bottle warmer, the more features are added by manufacturers. Nowadays, you can see bottle warmers in the market that can carry a warmer and sterilizer feature at the same time.

It’s hassle-free! There is no more boiling of bottle parts for a couple of minutes. Sometimes, plastic parts melt in the dishwasher once the heat is too high.

Baby bottle parts tend to fall to the bottom while you boil them. To avoid this kind of problem, businessmen thought of an innovative product that allows users to also sterilize or heat the bottle parts.

5. Efficiency – Convenience is the key to happy motherhood. Mothers want everything to be at hand when it comes to feeding the baby. Nothing beats the bottle warmer’s efficiency.

Because the process of heating the baby bottle is fast enough, you don’t have to check it every now and then. It takes time before the water gets hot enough. It heats the bottle first.

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A couple gets pressured as they enter the world of parenthood. They have to prepare a lot of things, especially the baby is coming. A list of baby stuff must be made ahead for them not to forget and to be able to prioritize things.

A baby bottle warmer is not really necessary to be part of the list but it is highly recommended. If you pick the perfect one for your baby, it becomes necessary.

As listed above, using one is safer for you and your baby. It works quicker and pretty conveniently. Baby bottle warmers with multi-purposes can save you time which you can spend on bonding with your baby.

Make sure to choose the right kind of bottle warmer to avoid the disadvantages mentioned above. There are innovative baby bottle warmers available in the market. It’s up to you to choose your preferred baby bottle.

How To Use An Electric Bottle Warmer

How To Use An Electric Bottle Warmer

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